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I have a complete obsession with anything lighting related. If I see a wire lampshade frame at a yard sale, I can’t pass it, especially the vintage ones, which have such pretty details. I use them as risers on a party buffet, displays for my festival booth, you name it. This tutorial shows how you can embellish them, but still keep their original shape. Best of all? It is super easy and can be accomplished in under half and hour.

shadeCOVER 700


May Arts Ribbon

– 3 yd – 5/8″ green taffeta ribbon (HM06)
– 3 yd – 5/8″ pink taffeta ribbon (HM13)

– 1 yd – 3/8″ peach two tone ribbon (KN28)

• Lampshade frame

• Scissors

• Glue gun

• Assorted white buttons

• Clothespins

­shade steps 1 700


Step 1 – Begin with a piece of pink taffeta ribbon roughly 2.5 times the height of your shade. Secure the ribbon to the top of the shade by tying a knot onto the top bar and then begin wrapping down the spoke. Be sure to cover up the end of the knot when wrapping.

shade steps 2 700

Step 2 – When you reach the bottom of the spoke, secure a knot to finish. Trim excess ribbon close
to knot and secure with a dot of hot glue. Repeat step 1 traveling around the shade, alternating colors of taffeta.

shade steps 3 700

Step 3 – Using your peach two-tone ribbon, knot small swags around the top of your shade frame. When you finish, knot and trim ribbon close, then secure with a dot of hot glue.

shade steps 4 700

Step 4 – To cover up the finishing ribbon knots, glue decorative buttons to the top and bottom of each spoke.

shade steps 5 700

shade steps 6 700    

Step 5 – Your shade is now finished! If you use an  energy-efficient light bulb (the ones that don’t get hot), you can clothespin notes and photos, etc to the frame. You could also hang this frame next
to your computer for notes or in a child’s room to display keepsakes.

filled shade 700

Download the pdf to this tutorial Here!

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