How to Search: Ribbon by Width


May Arts offers great search features while browsing or shopping for ribbon on their site. Did you know you could filter your search by material, best sellers or even width to name a few?


I made use of the “Search by Width” button while selecting a trio of ribbons to layer for some clean and simple, yet striking cards.

Here are a few tips for selecting and layering ribbon:

• Allow 1/8” to ¼” between each ribbon layer, so that each ribbon is visible.

• Select three styles in different widths and textures, and be sure that two of the ribbons share one similar characteristic.

• Attach your ribbons together with either a staple that can be hidden from view in the final design, or adhesive like tape or glue. Use glue sparingly, as often times it can change the color of the ribbon slightly or cause a ripple effect.

• Burn the edges of the ribbon carefully with a lighter to prevent fraying.



This card features:

1.5” Grograin Stripes in Pink (RG17)

5/8” Black Twill (FN10)

¼” Solid Check in Pink (KBB17)



This card features:

1.5” Solid/Satin Center Band in Gold (KY08)

5/8” Black Twill (FN10)

3/8” Grograin Ivory Strips in Black (RG10)


The possibilities of layering ribbon by width are endless; I hope you’ll try out your own version soon!

Blog post by: Karen Baker



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