May Arts Ribbon carries the highest quality grosgrain ribbon, perfect for tying bows. Our GN series is a woven Petersham-esque grosgrain. Because it lacks the traditional thick edging of an American style grosgrain, it is softer and more supple. Our 225 denier SX grosgrain is heaver in weight, has smoother ridges with no lumps in the weave, and is very durable. Higher denier ribbons also have a more matte finish. Enjoy the bow tutorial below…

How To Make A Bow

 I know when I first started playing with ribbon, i had the hardest time trying to tie a simple bow! There are so many YouTube tutorials out there, some are complicated, some are simple, all are a little different. Today I wanted to share one of my favorite bow tutorials. You can use any size ribbon for this one and there are many uses for this cute little bow.

How To Make A Bow

Start out with some ribbon and a ruler. I used 1.5″ grosgrain bcause on this particular bow I wanted to create a hair bow. For these you can typically use the larger ribbon. This size would be good for a bow to attach to a gift as well. When I attach this bow to a smaller project like a card, I typically go with the 3/4″ ribbon.

How To Make A Bow

Cut the ribbon at 26″ long. Begin to fold it between your fingers like so. 

How To Make A Bow

Scrunch your bow like shown in the photo and make sure your tails are the length that you like.

How To Make A Bow

Tie in the center with a piece of thread to hold the bow in shape.

How To Make A Bow

Cut the ends and use a lighter on the ends to seal the ribbon to prevent fraying.

How To Make A Bow

Take a smaller piece of ribbon and tie a knot like so. This will be the center of your bow.

How To Make A Bow

Hot glue the center piece to the center of the bow. If you are creating a hair bow, attach a clip to the back. If you are using this bow to a package or a project, simply glue and go! 

By Emily Lanham

Other Supplies Used:

  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Lighter
  • Hot Glue Gun



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