How To: Chevron Braid with Ribbon

The chevron trend is still going strong and I have an easy technique that you can create a chevron braid with your ribbons. I made my sample into a headband, but you could add it to cards or layouts as well.

 Make a Chevron Braid with Ribbon

My project incorporates the ties for the headband, but if you were using your plait for a different application, just leave off the long tails.

Cut four lengths of 3/8″ satin ribbon – 2 pieces 18” long in pink, and two pieces 1 yard each in green. Lay a pink and green piece side by side, with the shorter ribbon starting at the half mark for the long ribbon. Fold the second piece of green ribbon around the other two ribbons, at a 90 degree angle and tack in place with hot glue.

Make a Chevron Braid with Ribbon

Add the 2nd piece of pink ribbon around the ribbon on the left. Hot glue in place.

Make a Chevron Braid with Ribbon

Fold the outside ribbon on the right over to the left side and glue in place. Continue alternating from side to side to braid the length of the ribbon.

Make a Chevron Braid with Ribbon

When you reach the end of the short ribbon, glue it neatly to the underside and trim so that the ribbon is even with the braid pattern.

Make a Chevron Braid with Ribbon

By Gini William Cagle



May Arts Ribbons Used:

466-38-46 3/8” Knotted Edge Satin (2 yards)

466-38-26 3/8” Knotted Edge Satin (1 yards)


Other Supplies Used:

Hot Glue Gun


  1. TracyM #6773

    WOW – this looks FABULOUS Gini!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your tutorial – I am definitely going to give it a try!!!


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