How To: Make Bows On Ponytail Holders

Welcome Ribbon fans ūüôā ¬†This is Jenifer here with you today to share a quick tutorial on how to make a fun Ribbon Ponytail Bows. ¬†My Daughter is on a softball team, and the colors are Red/White/Black with a little bit of yellow. ¬†She wanted to make these for all of her teammates so they could all co-ordinate during games. ¬†They are not very hard but they just take a little bit of time.

How to Make Bows on Ponytail Holders

  • You will need a needle and thread and ribbon of your choice. ¬†
  • Cut 3 pieces of ribbon 16″, this is for the bows. ¬†Cut 1 piece of elastic 10″ and knot the ends together. ¬†Cut a 6″ piece for the center and knot it in the middle.
  • Take your 16″ length piece of ribbon and tack it down in the middle, making sure your loops and tails are even. ¬†Wind the thread around the middle pinching it in as you go. ¬†Then knot your thread. ¬†Repeat with your other 16″ lengths of ribbon.
  • Step 2. ¬†Stack your 3 bows on top of each other and carefully tack them down going through all 3 layers and wind the thread around the middle.
  • Using hot glue attach the center knot to the top of the bow. ¬†Wrap the end of the ribbon around to the back and hot glue to the back. ¬†Place the elastic to the back and the other end of the ribbon folding over the end and glue down to the back making sure not to hot glue the elastic down. ¬†You want the elastic to move freely behind the bow.
  • Using a candle I gently melted the ribbon ends so they don’t fray.
  • Done. Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat until you have your desired amount of bows.

Here is the finished product:

How to Make Bows on Ponytail Holders

I hope you have enjoyed my project today and make sure you stop by soon for more ribbon projects from this amazing team.

By Jenifer Cowles




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