How To: Make a Twine Flower

Fall is the time to pull out your favorite warm and cozy sweaters and your favorite pair of blue jeans, so when I saw the denim inspired Original Collection by Authentique, I knew this would be a great line to use for an everyday autumn card.  I’m also going to teach you to make an easy flower using my favorite May Arts Paper Cord.

You can purchase a flower weaving loom, but you really don’t need to.  I just cut this one from cardboard.  You can make it any size you wish – just make sure to have an even number of spokes.

Tape the end of your cord to the bottom of the loom (don’t cut the other end off of your roll, until you are finished).   Bring your cord  up beside a spoke on the loom,  go across the loom and around the opposite spoke and back to the original (so you’ve just made a big circle around two opposite spokes.) Move to the next spoke over, and repeat , going around it’s opposite spoke. Continue moving around the loom, until you have made two loops around each spoke.  Cut from the spool, leaving about 8” to tie off. Traditionally, you would stitch a backstitch around the center to finish this , but since this cord is a little bulkier, I just tied several knots around the intersecting twines.

Tie a button over the knots, and you’ve got your flower.

I inked the edges of a couple of May Arts Suede Leaves, and used them with my bloom.

With all of the great twines that May Arts carries, you will be able to quickly make a whole garden of flowers!

Blog post by: Gini Williams Cagle

May Arts Ribbons Used:

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Other Supplies Used:

  • WorldWin Papers Kraft Cardstock
  • Button
  1. Roxy

    How do you get the flower off the template? I love this!!

  2. Joann

    This is brilliant!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. sharon gullikson

    That looks really cool. I'll have to try it.

  4. Kristie Maynard

    Great job!  Thanks for the instructions for the flower!

  5. Rosann

    What a neat card, love that polka dot !  Thanks for the flower tutorial !

  6. Jocelyn

    Very cute card.  But I don't see how you removed the loops from the spoked template.  Do you just bend it and pull it out?  Thanks.  I really like this look.

  7. Sue D

    Great flower and goes perfectly with this paper collection.

  8. erin

    Wow, love this idea…

  9. Lucy

    I love rustic touches like this on cards.  Thanks for the tutorial.  I had a little hand-held knitting machine when I was a kid that made similar things you could sew together into "something."  I knew I should have kept it! 😉


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