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Ribbon Flower Challenge Entries {and a giveaway}

All of the entries from our Ribbon Flower Challenge are in & posted right here!  Of course, there is a chance for you to win some ribbon of your own!

The prize up for grabs is:


A $25 gift card to our retail store The Ribbon Resource!

To enter:

All you have to do to enter to win is tell us which project(s) is your favorite!  Post your comments right here!

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Now for the entries

**Please also note that, although I always love to know what you think, the winners are selected solely by The Ribbon Lady**


Carmelita Shea

ribbon flower scrapbook layout

It is a scrapbooking layout using May Arts ribbon flowers to accentuate the flowers in the photos.  The flowers have button centres, and the only other embellishments are the gold an lavender sequins.  The ribbon I used was grosgrain with a stitched edge, the smaller ribbon one is light fuschia and the larger flower is lavender/black stitching and purple with black stitching; both ribbon flowers have green grosgrain ribbon leaves.  The title is very simple….one word “BEAUTY”.  I created this layout to make the flowers the focal point of the design, and with a blend of ribbon flowers and photos of flowers, while leaving the remaining space around the layout bare and uncluttered.  All flowers are on 3 sheets of 6 x 6 pattern paper from Craft Smith’s Blackberry Lemon collection.  The background paper is a white Bazzil cardstock. 


cwedding frame with ribbon flowers

Wedding frame decorated and waiting for the perfect photo of the happy couple.  The frame was a dark metal and it was spray painted with gold metallic paint.  The large gray/silver flower  was made with May Arts sheer ribbon, pulled together with thread to create a spiral type flower.  The flower sits on top of a white spray of leaves.  Gold and pearl bling is around the inner rectangle of the frame.  The May Arts sheer wired ribbon with gold and silver polka dots cascades from the flower in the corner, trailing upwards to the top corner and along the bottom edge of the frame.     Silver Prima flowers grace the polka dot ribbon in the corners. 

This frame  was originally dingy and lifeless.  But with the silver/gold/white enhancements, the frame will now be a great addition to the happy couples’ home, holding a photo of their special day. 


Cheryl Walker

May Arts Ribbon Rosettes

May Arts Ribbon Rosette Photo Frame

The Rosette Flowers you see grouped in the center are done using thread to ruche it up for the rosette look. For each flower in that trio, I made the bottom, and then the tops, and glued them together to create a Ribbon Rosette Flower. In my photo I show a few different rosette flowers, others made using wire, and glue. I didn’t add any buttons or pearls to these, as I wasn’t sure if we should. I am also sending a photo of how I used the 3 grouped together for my photo frame I painted and decorated for my craft room. I


Debbie Fisher

Textured Ribbon Flower

Textured Ribbon Flower

Create pretty flowers with lots of layers, textures, and techniques using May Arts ribbons.


Jamie Larsen

Ribbon Flowers

Ribbon Flower

I made a few different styles of flowers including burned edge flowers (each petal is cut and burned), folded roses, rolled rosettes, and a few others i just made up as I went along. 


Linda Correa

ribbon flower scrapbook layout

What fun creating these flowers were. Adding a little bling and some extra depth to this page made the whole project come together.


spring ribbon flower wreath

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make this wreath. My design was made for possibly a wedding, wedding or baby shower. Also thinking about Spring.


Lori Williams

Ribbon Sunflower Sunglasses Holder

Ribbon Sunflower

I created this sunglass holder adorned with sunflower ribbon flowers.  It’s a burlap canvas that has ribbon tightly wrapped on the front.  The ribbon strips are what will hold the sunglasses.  The sunflowers are made of ribbon using a little flame and some fine tip tweezers and scissors and they are easy to create in no time.  I’m hanging this right by my front door so I’ll have a place to hand my glasses as I’m always leaving them lying around, plus it just makes makes me happy when I see it.


Mary Reppe

Ribbon Flowers

Ribbon Flowers

I’ve attached photos of the flowers I made with May Arts Ribbon. The second photo shows the half circles cut from the ribbon. I gathered with needle and thread along the curved edge to make each petal. Then sewed them together to form the flower. Next I used a double thickness of green ribbon cut in a full circle and gathered around the circumference with needle and thread again to form the flower center and sewed it onto the petals.


Melanie Siganos

 Ribbon Flowers

Ribbon Flowers

Ribbon Flowers

First I gathered the ribbon, allowing the twists and turns of the gathering to make its own unique flower.  One flower was made using all three colors supplied, as well as one individual flower, per color.  

I ultimately used 3 out of the four original flowers in my “Memories” project.  Because it was a memories theme, I lightly brushed the outer edges of the flowers, giving them an aged look.   After mapping and placing out my project, I decided to use the lavender ribbon as an on the spot flower, made simply by twisting loops and securing with glue dots, to give a look of an old, fraying, flower which has began to unravel over the years. 


Terri Burson

Vintage Flower Ribbon Pin

I created a Vintage Flower Ribbon Pin.  The bottom layer of petals (garden print) are heart shaped and were cut with my Cricut Explore, as was the white and pink ribbons.  I blended a touch of distress ink on the edges.  The middle layer includes the white and pink heart shaped ribbon.  I decided to “melt” it with my heat tool to give it more of a crinkled appearance.  I also adhered some hand trimmed leaf-like petals in pink and white.  The bottom and middle layers all have heat n bond on the back, so I ironed those layers together, fluffing up the edges prior to distressing.  I designed a template for the top layer of petals and hand trimmed and hand-stitched together by pinching the bottom and stitching to the next petal.  I added more distress ink for vintage appeal, and added Mod Podge to better shape the petals and give some shine.  I finished with the pearl string accent, a coordinating button and enamel dot.  These are adhered with fabric glue.  The flower is glued to a pin with a felt heart-shaped backing. 


 Thank you to all our participants that completed their projects!  The winners for the Challenge & our Giveaway will be posted on Friday June 19th!

Now start voting for your favorites!




  1. Sharon Gullikson

    Jamie Larson’s flowers are my favorite ones. I like the variety. Nicely done.

  2. Deb S

    Great creations, my favorite is Terri Burson.

  3. Annette F.

    I love Lori Williams sunflowers.

  4. Claire Powers

    Cheryl Walker’s rosettes are my favorite.

  5. Karen Lai

    They are all so beautiful!! I really like Terri’s flower pin! It will go nicely with any project!

  6. Elizabeth Hess

    Love the sunflowers!

  7. Judy Brodal

    Terri Burson’s flower is lovely!

  8. Suzanne Hanlon

    Sunflowers are so beautiful. Lori Williams gets my vote!

  9. barbara flanagan

    So a wonderful gallery to share! I am torn between Carmelita and Lori – but they all deserve a medal!

  10. Diane

    CHERYL.Walker is my favorite one Altho all pretty…

  11. Mary matson

    Sunflower are my fav!

  12. Mary matson

    sunflowers are my fav

  13. writerlady

    I’m sorry, but it’s a tie for me between Jamie Larsen and Lori Williams.

  14. Sylvia Graham

    I liked the flowers on Melanie and Cheryl projects. I can see myself making these flowers. Thanks for a chance to win.

  15. Heidi Muska

    I love Terri Burson’s flower ribbon pin! Great job! 🙂

  16. Angi B.

    I love Terri Burson’s beautiful vintage flower pin!

  17. Sharri Harri

    I really love the work by Carmelita Shea. Her material and colors go so well together. Beautifully done Carmelite. The best by far.

  18. mj

    gotta say i love the sunflowers

  19. jerrie

    I like Lori Williams brigh and cheerful flowers. The yellow flowers are so bright and cheerful and I love the whimsical design of her card.

  20. MariLynn

    Such wonderful creations. They are all really talented artists. The one that really stood out to me were the sunflower ones. Those sunflowers looked amazing.

  21. [email protected]

    Silly as it may seem… my fav are the grungy and shabby look ones by Debbie Fisher. Love being able to use the different colors and textures of your ribbons in so many different layers… just WONDERFUL designs. Thanks bunches for the opportunity for a gift card – I love your products. j.

  22. Christi Hicks

    hydrangeas are my favorite. I so want to make some of those ribbon flowers. I have a friend who has four young daughters and she is wanting homemade flowers for headbands for the girls, these are perfect.

  23. Colleen

    Beautiful flowers and I especially love the sunflower.

  24. Goga

    Stunning flowers! I choose Jamie Larsen’s flowers, so beautiful and universal 🙂 Perfect for scrapbooking project, mini albums and as a girlish hair embellisments 🙂

  25. Regina Furman

    Love Cheryl’ s flowers! I’m a huge fan of pink roses!

  26. Scrappin' Diva - Cindy B

    My favorite flowers are from Jamie Larsen

  27. Kim Klinkovsky-My Kraft Kloset

    I just love the sunglasses case by Lori Williams. The bright colors and patterns together are fantastic. And those flowers are amazing!!!

  28. Celeste Goff

    They are all beautiful but I love Terri’s pretty floral pin. It has great texture and gorgeous colors!

  29. Terri Burson

    Blown away by Lori’s sunflowers! There’s something special about each project though. Nice work, everyone!

  30. Mary Reppe

    My favorite ribbon flowers are Lori Williams’ sunflowers. Wow! I’d love to be able to make flowers like that.

  31. Sharon Estes

    my favorite is the mixed media page.

  32. Sharon Estes

    All the projects were great .
    Sharon Estes
    from Missouri

  33. Denise Sullivan

    Lori Williams sunflowers are amazing too. I really need to vote for all the ribbon flowers that are amazing. Can you put up some tutorials on how to make these??

  34. Denise Sullivan

    Terri’s flower is my favorite I love the little pearls and the pattern on the flower petals. I really like Melanie’s ribbon flowers I like they way they ruffle and the colors are gorgeous.

  35. Susan Janczewski

    The wedding frame- it’s so pretty.

  36. Nicole Douthit

    I LOVE LOVE love the Sunflower Sunglasses Holder! So creative, bright & cheery! My vote goes to Lori Williams. Thank you for sharing your talents everyone 🙂

  37. Amy C.

    The sunflowers are my favorite by Lori Williams.

  38. Kendy Walker

    Melanie Siganos has some great creations!!!!! Would love to see her win.

  39. Melissa W.

    My favorite is definitely the wreath!

  40. Mary Holshouser

    I like Carmalita’s. The colors are so bright and vivid. The design is unique. thanks for giving me the chance to vote.

    1. Sandi

      Carmelita your scrapbook page is wonderful! using the mix of photos/realistic flowers with the other flowers is such a nice mix of textures. I like to take photos of flowers as we travel and I can see this on many pages in the future.
      All these entries are great!!! The sunflowers really turned my head!!!
      Keep up the good work!!

  41. Denise Bryant

    Cheryl’s beautiful roses really catch my eye! Lovely projects by all the participants…

  42. D.Ann C

    Oh, wow! They’re all lovely, but I really like Lori Williams’ realistic looking sunflowers!

  43. Nancy Lorenz

    I love Terri Burson’s Vintage Flower Pin. It was so hard to choose but of all entered I would use this pin more!☺️☺️

  44. Carla Hundley

    Great creations and all
    are so lovely! I really like
    the flower made by
    Terri Burson though.
    So pretty.
    Carla from Utah


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