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1.5 Inch Iridescent Holographic Crepe Ribbon

Length: 30 Yard

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Series SKU: 706-15

If mermaids do exist, this ribbon must be what their scales are made of. Iridescent and holographic, soft and subtle, defying its nature; this ribbon is magic. Light plays off the surface of the ribbon in mesmerizing tones. Glimmers of purple, green, and blue catch your eye depending on how the ribbon moves. Your eyes and senses will be transported as it transverses the ribbon thanks to its subtle bubbled or pebbled texture and wavy edges.

Possibilities to wow are endless with 30 yards on this bulk ribbon roll. Despite having a cut edge and not being wired, the almost crepe paper like nature of this ribbon allows bow loops to stand nicely. Pastel hues lend itself to mermaid, unicorn, fairy, and more celestial motifs. This ribbon has some stretch and give for hair accessories like cheer bows. It can make a huge statement on floral arrangements as a stand-alone ribbon. Hand from embroidery hoops for DIY dreamcatchers. Tie around party favors for birthday parties or bridal showers.


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