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1.5 Inch Net Web Ribbon with Cut Edge

Length: 25 yards

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Series Name: EM-5

This 1 ½ inch by 25 yard roll of net ribbon will add texture and interest to your gift baskets and wrapped packages.  Use it for Halloween decorations, on scrapbook pages and handmade cards to simulate spider webs.  Available in a variety of colors.

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Enter Desired Quantity In Number of Rolls (Example: 1, 4, 6)
  • EM-5-01 WHITE

    146 in stock


    83 in stock

  • EM-5-10 BLACK

    68 in stock

  • EM-5-14 RED

    22 in stock

  • EM-5-16 OLIVE

    97 in stock

  • EM-5-17 PINK

    17 in stock

  • EM-5-22 FUCHSIA

    27 in stock

  • EM-5-27 YELLOW

    104 in stock

  • EM-5-28 ORANGE

    36 in stock

  • EM-5-31 GRAY

    161 in stock


    51 in stock

  • EM-5-33 BROWN

    51 in stock

  • EM-5-34 LIGHT BLUE

    7 in stock


    91 in stock


    90 in stock

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