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1.5″ Semi-Sheer Shimmer Ribbon with Cut Edge

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Length: 25 Yards

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Series SKU: 692-15

Perfect subtle sheen, and just a hint of iridescence! This new semi-sheer ribbon is less transparent than a traditional sheer with just the right amount of starch to hold a great bow loop. It is a great ribbon for your toolbox when you need something distinctive and unique without overwhelming your finished product. It can be tied and manipulated easily despite its slight stiffness, lay flat, or flow gracefully from a bouquet. This ribbon overwhelms in person or on a bow. The 1.5″ ribbon is great for a variety of uses from gift baskets, to floral arrangements, napkin ties, or as elements on home decor. 

Washing Instructions: Hand Wash Cold. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Tumble Dry. Do Not Iron.

Manufacturing note: Ribbon roll is not continuous yardage and may have 1-2 cuts per roll. 


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  • 692-15-01 IRIDESCENT WHITE

    184 in stock

  • 692-15-17 PALE PINK

    185 in stock

  • 692-15-31 SILVER

    182 in stock

  • 692-15-94 ROBIN'S EGG BLUE

    193 in stock

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