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1.5 Inch Tulle Ribbon with Cut Edge

Length: 50 Yard

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Series SKU: 471-15

This 1.5 inch wide Tulle is perfectly starched to hold shape for all of your traditional Tulle needs, from use in tutus to bows on gift baskets. Available in a softer color palette to serve a wide variety of uses. This thinner tulle makes for easy bows on small gifts, gift baskets, and food packaging.

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  • 471-15-14 RED

    144 in stock

  • 471-15-15 GREEN

    46 in stock

  • 471-15-28 ORANGE

    17 in stock

  • 471-15-31 GREY

    8 in stock

  • 471-15-33 BROWN

    20 in stock

  • 471-15-34 LIGHT BLUE

    77 in stock

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