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1″ X 25 Yards Inspirational Single Faced Satin Print Ribbon

Length: 25 Yards

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Series SKU: 690-1

Now is the time to live your intentions. Spread good in this world and let the world hear the positive message you have to share! May Arts’ inspirational ribbon line is meant to uplift and empower. With positive messages like “Be Present”, “Good Vibes Only” and “Live, Laugh, Love” there is so much love to spread around. The 1″ width is perfect for gift wrap, stationery, mixed media crafts, and stationery. Single faced satin is great for projects that require ribbon to lay flat; the silky smooth fabric on the outside shows well, while the more textured bottom side helps grip the ribbon to the surface of your product.

Washing Instructions: Do not use Chlorine, Maximum 100⁰C Ironing, Maximum 40⁰C hot water

Manufacturing note: Ribbon roll is not continuous yardage and may have 1-2 cuts per roll.

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  • 690-1-01 "LIVE/LAUGH/LOVE"

    168 in stock

  • 690-1-03 "GOOD VIBES"

    227 in stock

  • 690-1-04 "BE PRESENT"

    221 in stock

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