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2.5 Inch Velvet Gold Back Ribbon with Wired Edge

Length: 10 Yards

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Series Name: 535-25

Introducing our redesigned Velvet Gold Back Ribbon

May Arts understands that your projects demand perfection. Our commitment to delivering excellence is unwavering and we have spared no effort in ensuring the highest level of durability and longevity. Rest assured that the issues that fell short of our quality standards have been thoroughly addressed. 

Our new and improved Wired-Edge Velvet Ribbon featuring an upgraded gold backing! 

The rich texture of this Velvet Gold Back Ribbon offers a soft and sumptuous feel that delights the senses. Its deep, lustrous color and plush surface create a captivating visual impact, making it a stunning choice for embellishing gifts, crafts, home décor, and fashion accessories.

The wired edge meticulously embedded within the ribbon’s fabric seamlessly combines beauty, durability, and versatility, making it suitable for both professional designers and crafting enthusiasts.

Whether you’re designing stunning wreaths, accentuating floral arrangements, adorning wedding decorations, or adding a touch of elegance to your sewing projects. Indulge in the sensory pleasure of our Velvet Gold Back Ribbon and Wired Edge and transform your creations into masterpieces.


This Ribbon Comes on a 10 Yard Spool.

Also available in 4 Inch.


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  • 535-25-03 NAVY

    44 in stock

  • 535-25-09 ANTIQUE IVORY

    283 in stock

  • 535-25-10 BLACK

    102 in stock

  • 535-25-14 RED

    709 in stock

  • 535-25-15 FOREST GREEN

    248 in stock

  • 535-25-17 PINK

    106 in stock

  • 535-25-19 DUSTY PINK

    202 in stock

  • 535-25-25 DARK RED

    386 in stock

  • 535-25-31 GRAY

    194 in stock

  • 535-25-32 COPPER

    Out of stock

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  • 535-25-38 BRONZE

    Out of stock

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  • 535-25-83 DUSTY BLUE

    43 in stock

  • 535-25-95 CHARCOAL

    86 in stock

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