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2.5 Inch Textured Ribbon with Wired Edge

Length: 15 Yards

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Series SKU: 570-25

Cool and breezy, this simple design is an easy and effortless way to bring a hint of sophistication to any craft, sewing, or special project. Its simplicity is complimented by the intricate wave design and subtle texture. Wider wired ribbons are favorites for large bows, wreath making, or tree ribbon. The wider width can easily make a dramatic statement on simple floral arrangements as well. This textured print would also work well on home decor pieces because of its elegant minimalist design.

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Enter Desired Quantity
  • 570-25-01 WHITE

    113 in stock

  • 570-25-02 NATURAL

    264 in stock

  • 570-25-03 GREY

    194 in stock

  • 570-25-09 IVORY

    226 in stock

  • 570-25-10 BLACK

    83 in stock

  • 570-25-14 RED

    108 in stock

  • 570-25-33 BROWN

    229 in stock

  • 570-25-38 BURNT ORANGE

    199 in stock

  • 570-25-46 GREEN

    46 in stock

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