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3/16 Inch Metallic Knitted Trim

Length: 25 Yards

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Series SKU: 711-316

This 3/16″ trim is braided with metallic thread and comes 25 yards to a roll. The metallic thread glistens in the light, making it an eye-catching choice for special packaging or DIY projects. From far away the metallic thread knitted throughout appears like a glitter, except you don’t have to worry about any of the mess that glitter would cause. This trim is very soft to the touch due to it being a loosely braided knit. You can even manually manipulate the trim to loosen the braided knit if needed when making loops or bows. Or tie it tightly to make the trim an even smaller width. It ties very easily for a super-tight knot.

Use as a beautiful trim on sewing projects, for small wrapped boxes, in wrist corsages, or even as shoelaces. This ribbon is extremely versatile. Metallic ribbons are most popular for special occasions, children’s items, or whimsical themes. This ribbon may fray slightly when cut.

Need an extra embellishment for your gift wrap? Incorporate other wholesale ribbon options like strings and cords.

Enter Desired Quantity
  • 711-316-01 WHITE

    180 in stock

  • 711-316-02 CHAMPAGNE

    146 in stock

  • 711-316-09 IVORY

    155 in stock

  • 711-316-10 BLACK

    171 in stock

  • 711-316-11 BLACK GOLD

    166 in stock

  • 711-316-12 PEACH

    164 in stock

  • 711-316-17 PINK

    169 in stock

  • 711-316-20 ROSE GOLD

    139 in stock

  • 711-316-22 FUCHSIA

    195 in stock

  • 711-316-30 GOLD

    146 in stock

  • 711-316-31 SILVER

    292 in stock

  • 711-316-83 SLATE BLUE

    197 in stock

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