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3 Millimeter Diamond Rhinestone Chain Cord Ribbon

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Length: 3.28 Yard

Fiber Content: 100% ABS

Series SKU: 469-03

This 3mm Metallic Rhinestone Chain mimics the look of diamonds to add an elegant touch to any accessory. The chain features one row of rhinestones set on metal backing. This trim is very popular on accessories like bracelets or purses. The chain can easily be attached to garment pieces with your sewing tools. This look is also very popular for weddings. The 3 yard roll is a perfect yardage for reselling to the consumer in any craft, home decor, gift, or retail store. Available in three glamorous colors. 

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  • 469-03-01 CLEAR

    124 in stock

  • 469-03-10 BLACK

    134 in stock

  • 469-03-14 RED

    139 in stock

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