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Charlene here welcoming you back to the May Arts blog for another fun blog week featuring the fabulous products from Core’dinations and May Arts Ribbon!  Be sure to check back every day for inspiring projects from some of the other May Arts Design Team and check out the Core’dinations Blog for even more crafty goodness.

Today, we’re going to turn this:

into this:

with the help of Core’dinatons and May Arts Ribbon! 

Here’s your supply list:


  1. Cut Core’dinations Whitewash cardstock to fit around your container.  Emboss.  (I had to run mine through the Big Shot 2 1/2X to cover the entire piece.  Score a vertical line every ½ inch.  Sand with Core’dinations Sand It Gadget (love this!  Saves time and fingernails) until your desired effect is achieved. 

                  Clean up the dust (like magic!) by swiping the Dust Buddy over the embossed cardstock and your work area.

Don’t worry the mess stays on the Dust Buddy!  Told you it was magic!

Run the strong double sided tape around the tin. Make sure to get the tape close to the top and bottom edges.  Press down securely, then remove the paper backing and attach the Core’dinations cardstock.

  1. Apply strong double sided tape to the top and bottom edges of the covered tin.  Measure the May Arts Crochet and Velvet ribbon to fit around the tin.  Thread the velvet ribbon through the crochet ribbon.  Attach to the tin over the double sided tape.
  2. Die cut Core’dinations Black Magic cardstock and the white scrap cardstock with the label dies.  Lightly sand the edges of the Black Magic cardstock to reveal a bit of the pink underside.  Use hole punch to punch holes in the ends of the die cut.  Stamp sentiment on white die cut.  Attach to black label with double sided tape.
  3.  Thread May Arts ½ inch Solid Wrinkled ribbon through the holes in the Black Magic label die cut.  Wrap around the tin.  Tie in a bow.  Embellish with paper roses, pearls.  Punch butterfly from Core’dinations Whitewash cardstock.  Sponge edges lightly with black ink.  Attach to tin with glue dot.

  1.  Cut a strip of Black Magic cardstock to fit around the lid of the tin. Sand lightly.  Attach to tin with strong double sided tape.  Die square shapes to fit the lid from Black Magic, white cardstocks.  Die cut Fleur de Lis shape from Whitewash cardstock.  Lightly sand the edges of the Black Magic Cardstock.  Layer the largest black square with a white square.  Stamp sentiment on the Fleur de Lis shape.  Attach to a same size Black Magic square.  Attach to larger squares with foam tape.  Embellish with a Solid Wrinkled Ribbon bow, paper roses and a Black Magic Butterfly.  Attach to tin lid with strong double sided tape.

Now fill it with a gift card, some elegant chocolates or jewelry and you have a gift fit for a queen, a special mom or a bride to be.

You can find a Printable Tutorial here.

Blog post by: Charlene Driggs


  1. Smokie

    I would not have believed that that was the same can if I hadn't seen the pictures.  Gorgeous, thank you!!!

  2. Holly Elliott

    These tins are cute!

  3. Trudi Wilbur

    So pretty!  I can't believe I don't have that sand it gadget.  I need to order me one of those.

  4. Julie Haedtke

    Very Cool.  My sister and her three girls (in their 20's) get together once a month and two of us do projects and the other 3 do cards.  My oldest niece, Pam, saved up the containers that Crystal Light packets come in and we did an altered plastic case for a birthday and filled with candy.  It was so much fun!  We look forward to everyone's creativity and it is kept a secret until it is their turn to show us how to do the card or project.  The person demonstrating brings an already made project and then makes one as they demonstrate and then we take turns giving the extra projects to other family members who are not crafty!  (We always use lace or ribbon and quite often it is yours!)

  5. Julie Shearer

    Stunning !!

  6. Shona

    Just gorgeous Charlene.  Who would have thought that was once a tin!!

  7. Sue VanDeVusse

    That covered tin is gorgeous!  I love how you embossed and scored the Core'dinations and the ribbon threaded through the lace is perfect.

  8. Latrice

    Love this! I Ty to reuse lots too so this is right up my alley. 

  9. Rebecca Ednie

    I love Thrifty gift ideas. I just repurposed a chocolate truffle box last week!

  10. Grá

    Beautiful project, what a cool idea 🙂

  11. Pendra

    Wow, I love going to thrift stores…now I'll be on the look out for tins!  I think the gift would have to be pretty amazing to beat the beautiful container!!

  12. Angie Hall

    Wonderful gift packaging, I've always loved pink and black together. Thanks

  13. Caryn S.

    Wow beautiful altered tin!

  14. Karen L K

    Very nice! I have a few containers saved to do something similar so this gave me some great ideas.

  15. Lisa P

    Gorgeous.  I love the combo of pink and black.

  16. Sue McRae

    What a great recycling project!

  17. Kathy P

    So lovely, a work of art, and so useful as well!  Great inspiration for us today!

  18. Lucy

    What a beautiful work of art! To think it started out as a plain old tin 🙂

  19. Lisa L.

    How beautiful!  This really transformed the item!  Thanks so much!

  20. Jaq

    awesome texture with the tin love it

  21. rush

    wonderful project!  thank you for sharing.

  22. Lucy

    I hate to throw any nice cans with repurposing potential away, so I will be using these ideas on a few.  Thanks for the great ideas.

  23. Luanne

    absolutely gorgeous! and so love the color.

  24. Emily h

    Wow! Who would have thought? This is beautiful!  I love the paper used!

  25. September

    What a transformation! Very elegant and beautiful. Love the combination of embossed paper and ribbon.

  26. Ashley N Newell

    What a gorgeous tin!  I love how elegant it turned out!

  27. Dorina D

    Gorgeous gift tin. Great tutorial. Can't wait to make some for gifts this year. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Kristie Maynard

    That is so beautiful.  I've covered thing with paper before, but just never thought of embossing it first, it's beautiful with this embossed and sanded finish.  Great job

  29. Christine Dring

    Fabulous project!

  30. Rebecca W

    Such a beautiful container! Love the embossing and score line together.

  31. Cynthia B.

    You've really turned this tin into a work of art! Lovely project!

  32. Sharon Gullikson

    It's like a makeover. So pretty…

  33. Annette Allen

    wow that is just so fun…what an awesome idea…thanks for sharing..

  34. Rosann

    Great gift idea !

  35. Sue D

    Wow–this is gorgeous.  I llike the whitewash cardstock.

  36. Caro

    so beautiful! love your tin!

  37. Dee

    How beautifull!! So very, very cute! 

  38. Becky D

    This is so gorgeous!  I have never tried the Whitewash Core before, but I will definitely be trying soon!  I love the way it looks embossed!  And that luscious ribbon – so sweet!  Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  39. Linda R

    Your finished tin is beautiful.  Thanks for sharing your work.

  40. Miriam Prantner

    Total transformation on that tin.  It looks WONDERFUL!

  41. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! Gorgeous project!


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