How To: Witch Door Sign

While perusing a craft store’s Halloween aisle last week I ran across a cute sign with the bottom half of a witch’s body poking out from the bottom of a sign stating “the witch is in!”  Upon closer inspection I noted the tulle on the dress and the legs made of fabric…I immediately filled the idea to memory to create a similar project with various ribbon and trim from May Arts!

Make a Witch Door Sign

I gathered supplies that I had around the house and in my craft stash, so feel free to use whatever you have to create a fun, modified version!  

Make a Witch Door Sign

The top of the sign is a $2 black photo frame that I removed the glass from.  I cut a piece of colorful cardstock to 5X7 and placed it inside the frame.  Next, I used my computer and printer to type/print out the wording for the sign.  I trimmed the paper down around the wording and attached it to the center of the other paper with foam adhesive.  

To the top of the frame  I glued on a large, loopy bow…you can get super creative with this!  Add feathers, picks or other cute Halloween accessories if you’d like…think of it as the witch’s hair bow 🙂  Next, I cut a length of ribbon and glued the two ends to the top back of the frame for the hanger.

Make a Witch Door Sign

At the bottom base of the frame, I added a border of handmade ruffled tulle.  I used the fabulous new 1.5″ Tulle (it comes in other sizes too!) and made a running stitch along the top of a generous piece.  Just pull the thread to create the desired ruffle, knot of the thread and then adhere to the (back) bottom of the frame with fabric glue.

Make a Witch Door Sign

Next is the skirt…another piece that you can really get creative with!  I’ve used some adorable Halloween fabric from Bella Blvd.  I cut a piece to measure approximately 24″W X 8″H.  At one of the wide ends begin creating the gathering of the skirt by sewing a running stitch across the width.  I left about a 1/2″ margin from the top of the fabric to where I began stitching.  Once you have the width stitched, pull the thread to create the width that’s needed for the frame.  You can also, really quick and easy, skip the stitching and glue the fabric directly to the back of the frame, creating a gathering as you go.

Make a Witch Door Sign

For the bottom of the skirt I once again made a length of ruffled tulle.  To gauge how much tulle I used approximately the width of the bottom fabric PLUS half, so roughly 1 yard.  Once you have made the ruffle, adhere it to the bottom back of the skirt…I chose to tack it on with small whip stitches using a needle and thread, but fabric glue may be used also.

The legs.  I wanted skinny legs for my witch, but you can surely try fabric legs or use the cardboard roll from papertowels.  I used two 7/16″ wooden dowels.  I placed each dowel onto a matching length of herringbone ribbon and then wrapped and glued the ribbon in place around it.  The tops of the dowels were then glued to the back of the dress with fabric glue.  For this size dowel, the 1.5″ ribbon works perfectly!

Make a Witch Door Sign

I had grandiose visions for the shoes, but in the end I went with a simple pair of felt curly boots.  I found the template online (there are a ton, just search for “witch shoe template”) so just search until you find your favorite.  Here is a link to mine.  I cut two mirrored pieces of black felt for each shoe.  I glued them together, leaving an opening at the top.  I added some pom pom trim to the top and then slipped the shoes onto the legs.  Just add a dollop of fabric glue to secure the shoes in place.
And that’s it!  You now have a cute sign to welcome guests or to give to your favorite co-worker.  There are so many great sayings that would be just as cute to use too!

Thanks for joining me today at May Arts Ribbon!

By Shellye McDaniel



Other Supplies Used:

  • Bella Blvd- “Too Cute to Spook” patterned papers; fabric
  • Beacon- Fabri-Tac
  • 3L– Adhesive Foam Squares
  • Black Felt
  • Needle and thread
  • 7/16″ Wooden Dowel
  • Felt Spiders
  • 5X7 Black Frame




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