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How To: Natural Gift Wrap with May Arts Burlap

Hi and welcome back to the May Arts blog!  Did you know that May Arts now carries an amazing line of burlap and organic cotton ribbons?  From natural hues to amazing colors and stripes, these ribbons are sure to spark your creativity.

We live in the tropical south where beach and beach themed weddings are the norm.   Gift wrap that matches the occasion is often hard to find but not if you have a roll of kraft wrapping paper and a supply of May Arts ribbons.  This gift wrap would be an economical and elegant way to wrap birthday, anniversary or other gifts as well.

I love the way this bow looks…natural yet elegant.   I have a full printable tutorial for you HERE Here are the supplies I used to create my bow and wrap.




  1. Cut silk ribbon to the desired length.  Place tea bags in boiling water in a small bowl and let steep for a few minutes.  Place ribbon in the tea and allow let sit until desired color is reached.  Remove ribbon, lay flat and let dry naturally.

    2.  Cut a strip of burlap 2” wide.  Cut ribbon and burlap strip into 6 ½” – 7” inch lengths.  Pull a couple of string on each side of the burlap to create a small fringe.

Stretch out the Woven Burlap to its full width.   Neatly stack burlap and ribbons in any order you like.

4.  Tightly tie a length of burlap cord around the stack.  Take your scissors and cut the ribbons & burlap lengthwise into 2 to 3 pieces about ¼” wide, stopping short of the center where you’ve tied it.  DO NOT cut the Woven Burlap (green) as it will shred into pieces.  (ask me how I know that!)
Fluff the ribbon until they look nice and full.   Trim where necessary.

Wrap your package with the Kraft paper.  Wrap the center with a strip of burlap (remember to remove some of the strings for a frayed look if you desire.  Wrap Burlap Cord around the package 2-3 times leaving a long tail on each side.  Tie your burlap bow onto the package.  Embellish with flowers, shells or other embellishment.

Beautiful, elegant and natural and you can do it with May Arts Ribbon!

Blog post by: Charlene Driggs

  1. Danielle

    Very beautiful, i adore !

  2. Meena Sharma

    Beautiful and elegant 🙂

  3. Barbara

    I have a Bridal shower gifts to wrap. You gave me the idea go to
    Home Depot and buy a roll of brown paper and Burlap stitch
    ribbon and some fall flowers and be done with it.
    Great Idea thank you,

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  6. Gloria Westerman

    This is so pretty!!!! I love all the ribbon you  used….

  7. Larissa Heskett =)

    WOW!! This is BEAUTIFUL!! =) I LOVE the center bow of ribbons!! Just AWESOME!! THANKS so much for sharing and I can't wait to see what you'll create next!! =)
    Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  8. DeeDee Catron

    this is STUNNING! Would be so beautiful just sitting on the mantle 🙂 

  9. Kristie Maynard

    Now that is one beautiful gift that anyone would love to give or receive!  Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. Kimberly Jones

    What a beautiful package Charlene! I love the burlap ribbon so much, and this is a perfect way to use it. Love the printable tutorial too!

  11. Leah

    AWESOME!!!  just elegant, beautiful and perfect.  I wouldn't want to open the present!!!

  12. Christine Dring

    This is stunning! I'd never want to open the gift, this wrapping is too gorgeous!

  13. Jingle

    This is absolutely beautiful!


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