Homemade Wearable Ribbon Flowers

Good morning!  This is Chrissy and I have a great and super simple project for you.  We all know how much we love our May Arts ribbon and how we wish we could take it everywhere.  I have a couple ideas for you that you can take where ever you go.

Wearable Ribbon 1

The leopard print ribbon is a brooch and the red and white ribbon is a hair clip.  These are super simple to make and you can make both of these in less than an hour.  All you need is some thread, a sharp needle and good length of May Arts ribbon.  If you want a little something snazzy in the middle, I just used a bead and a piece of broken jewelry.

To make the flower, just thread your needle and do a simple running stitch along one of the edges of the ribbon.  Once you have stitched as far as you want to go, simple gather the ribbon at the knotted end of the thread.  Take a couple stitches to close the ends and secure them.  Do a little shaping and fluffing and your outside flower is done.

I did another smaller flower using different ribbons for the inside.  To hid the holes in the centers of the flowers, I used hot glue and attached a bead and a piece of broken jewelry.  Once the glue was cool, I attached the hair clip to one and a piece of chipboard with a pin back glued to the back to the other.

This one is the brooch.  I glued the pin back to a piece of chipboard then glued the flower to the other side of the chipboard piece.

Wearable Ribbon 2

Wearable Ribbon 3

For the hair clip, I glued the flower to the metal hair clip.  Because the bead I used is actual stone and not plastic (I don’t want that li’l bad boy to get lost), I not only glued the bead, but I stitched the bead to the center of the flower while at the same time, making sure my stitches went around the hair clip, thus securing the flower to the hair clip at the same time.

Wearable Ribbon 4

Wearable Ribbon 5

I plan on making a collection of these for my girls to wear to school, as well as using them as gifts.  I do hope you give this quick little project a try.

Blog post by: Christina Colón

May Arts Ribbon Used:





Other Supplies Used:

  • Thread – Coats & Clark
  • Pin Back
  • Hair Clip
  • Center adornments



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